Our Brands

Food Service

Fremont Food Service specializes in helping culinary innovators create new, exciting and profitable menu items using our flagship brand, Frank’s Kraut.  From reuben dogs and burgers to reuben baked potatoes and pizza – we can help you create something truly unique for your customers!  We also manufacture private brand ketchup and distribute our Mississippi BBQ sauces in a variety of sizes and formats.

The Fremont Company

The Fremont Company has over 100 years experience in the manufacturing of tomato-based sauces, sauerkraut products, and other specialty foods. State of the Art facilities allow top-notch service when handling private brand and co-pack business. We have the expertise and flexibility needed to meet the unique demands of Domestic and International partners. Exporting to over 60 countries worldwide, our attention to detail and quality is unparalleled.